Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Reception

Our reception was held at the Chaucer Hotel in Canterbury. The hotel was amazing, they made life easier on the day. We wanted a very intimate meal with family and friends, so they put us in the Ivy Suite (which the painted right before our event). 


Mixed garlic mushrooms 


Tomato and basil soup




Roast lamb with mint jelly
served with
roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Profiteroles with chocolate sauce 


Coffee and mints

My wedding cake was baked by my mother because we didn't like the bakery we had originally chosen for the cake. It wasn't exactly what I envisioned but it tasted amazing! She made a spice cake with a white chocolate icing covered in chocolate shavings.

We asked the best man, Andy's dad, and the maid of honor, my sister, to give the speeches at our reception. 

I don't have a copy of Andy's dad's speech but he talked about Andy's unconditional love.  

My sister, whom I love so much, gave this speech:

Wow, what can I say about Suzie.... 
Suzie has always been the independent girl. 
It always made me admire her more and more with the warm outgoing attitude about her.
As a child Suzie was the person I always looked up to and wanted to be just like. 
Her beauty has always been ravishing and her heart strong.
 I know that these are only a few of the qualities that make Andy love her.
Today is the day that I have anticipated my entire life, the day that I get to witness my sister's bond and love for the man of her dreams
From the moment Andy entered into her life, he captured her heart. 
I have never seen Suzie more in love than right now in this very moment. 
My big sister has a glisten in her eyes every time she looks at Andy, and I can truly see that this is the love that lasts forever. 
Whether you realize this or not Suzie is a gem. 
She is a rare diamond that shines brighter than any other jewel around her. 
Suzie is a person that you can talk about anything with so wether we are having a conversation about Chips funny habits or an in depth discussion about life, she is always the one to listen. 
Though we have had our quarrels and strife with each other ... 
you knocking out four of my teeth...
with maturity we have a relationship that I wouldn't trade for anything. 
I hope that you and Andy have a long and happy life together, 
because we all love and adore both of you. 
Andy will protect and keep you sane and Suzie will help you and guide you when you are in need.
With each other, your love will be strong.  

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