Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It has been forever

And I am really sorry for that. We have had a crazy crazy month. We returned from England after several snafus. We stayed with Mark and April for a couple of weeks, picked up a car from my mom, found a place to live, picked up furniture from mom, moved into our place, picked up furniture from Chattanooga, and got the most beautiful puppy in the world. So now we are settled in and playing with our puppy all the time. I am trying to study but that is going about as well as expected. Andy is working and I have a job interview today. So yeah, chaos! But I promise I am going to post pictures very soon. My mom and sister are coming this weekend and we are planning to paint the apartment. Hopefully then I will have some good pictures. 

Until then, I am off to read while the puppy is asleep. 

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