Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A bit of bad news

Well today started out as usual. I am stressed about everything that's going on and not going on at the moment. I've had one of those days where I just want to clean up so I don't have to be stressed about how shabby the apt looks on top of everything else. So I put a load of clothes on to wash, soaked some hand wash items, made the bed, picked up, and started cleaning the bathroom. I try to do everything at once if you can't tell. Also, at this point in time I am trying to break in my wedding shoes. Picture me in pj pants and a t-shirt with fancy shoes on. 

Well after most of the cleaning is done, I get online to talk to my mom briefly. While talking to her, I am watching some news videos on CNN. I come across one titled "Peace Corps Worker Killed." I click on it because Andy had been in the Peace Corps not two years ago.  It started telling the story of how Kate Puzey was found murdered on the front porch of her home in Africa in mid-March. So that peeked my attention. Kate was a volunteer for the Peace Corps in Benin and began her term in July 2007. I told Andy what had happened and that she was in his training group. He was a little unsure, so I asked if he wanted to see her picture. He walked behind my chair and was astonished.... "Oh my God.... she was one of my friends." 

We tried to find out if they were releasing what happened, but they are not. We watched several clips of her parents talking to local Atlanta news stations about how much she loved teaching English at a school in Benin and that she loved what she was doing. Andy is devastated. I know it is already hard on him that he left Benin, and it is even harder because he found out so late. 

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