Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Our day trip was a complete and utter failure!

We decided that we would make Monday's our day trip day. We want to be able to visit some of the wonderful historical gems that are scattered throughout the countryside. I am trying to spend 40+ hours in the library each week, so that means working Tuesday to Saturday in the library, using Sunday to do laundry or take long walks or do laundry, and traveling around on Mondays. Yesterday, we decided that we wanted to go to Battle Abbey and explore the battlefields from the Battle of Hastings. So we left our place around 1  and headed for the bus station. (I have to admit, I am not a morning person and so not move quickly in the mornings) We asked the lady in the office what was the best way to get to Hastings. Well, she said take a bus to Folkstone for 40 minutes and then a bus to Hastings which would take an hour. So we thought that would sound great, we would make it there with plenty of time to explore. So we had to wait about 10 minutes for the first bus and we were on our way to Folkstone, which took a little less than 40 minutes. We got off the bus and immediately got on the next bus. Unfortunately this bus ride was not pleasant and was not an hour long. We wanted to sit on the top of the bus to see the countryside and the ocean when we passed by it. The bad thing was that we forgot that the top of the bus is the popular hang out place for 10-16 year olds.------ I know it's not nice of me but I think the children here are the most horrible children I have ever met. They are rude, vulgar and obviously undisciplined. -------- To make  a long story short, we didn't make it to Hastings until 5:15!!!!! In order to get to the abbey, we had to still travel to Battle and make it before it closed at 6. So needless to say, we walked on the beach in Hastings, played an arcade game, ate dinner and had a cup of decaf. And then we began our trip home. We were so let down, and it was my fault we wasted a whole day riding on a bus. Our return trip was faster but still longer than an hour and 40 minutes. When we arrived at Folkstone, there was a drunk man under one of the bus stops. He looked as if he had passed out and thrown up on himself. When we made it to the bus, the driver was away from the bus and on the phone. Apparently the drunk had been there for 2 hours already (this was around 9:30) and had been refused by every bus he tried to get on. Oh well, at least we had a better day then him. We finally made it home around 10:15, disappointed and tired. Hopefully, next weeks trip will be more successful. 

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