Monday, July 13, 2009


Okay, so I know I have been promising honeymoon photos for a while now. Sorry! But I am delivering today. I can only show you some of the photos: first because there are hundreds, and second because we have somehow lost the cord to Andy's camera. I will post the rest of them after we get him a new camera cord or reader. 

Well here they are! I know there are a lot, but I hope you enjoy them:
On the first day, we decided we would walk through the city and try to find our way to the Piazza San Marco. We roamed the back alleys and bridges until we made our way there. It is truly an amazing place.

One of the main attractions on our 'To Do" list was the Basilica San Marco. We climbed up to the museum/balcony and decided we would spend some time watching people below. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the inside (sadly, they don't allow you to take pictures in Italian churches, but I can't say we always followed that rule)
After going through the Basilica, we went through Doge palace which is right next door. This photo was taken in the inner courtyard looking toward the Basilica. 
We thought that we were going to eat at Harry's Bar--- the guide book said it was a must eat because it was made famous by Hemingway.  Little did we know that the dish they suggested was €55... I almost choked. I think the cheapest item was €23. So needless to say we got out of there fast. Instead we decided to eat in the Piazza San Marco and listen to the live performances. We had a nice Bellini and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 
On the Vaporetti (water taxi).

The Rialto bridge. 

We like to call this one "Drive your boat to church"
The lovely Campo San Rocco. 

One afternoon, we found a lovely little courtyard called Campo San Giacomo del'Orio. We just sat and watched people. It seemed like a nice community. There was a children's birthday party going on under a tent, a little grocery where we bought a few things to eat, a bakery where we bought sweets, and a restaurant where we had an amazing dinner. It was a wonderful, simple afternoon. 
I loved just siting and watching the canal as the sun sat. 

We decided to visit a few of the other islands around the lagoon. We visited Murano, where they make all the famous glass. We were able to see a glassblowing demonstration. 
There are tons of little islands scattered around the lagoon that were once monasteries. We saw them as we rode the Vaporetti from island to island. 

Andy took a seat in the throne of Attila the Hun, which is outside the Basilica and museum at Torcello.

We also visited Burano, where they make the famous Venetian lace. We had a nice meal in a small park on the island and then walked around looking at all the brightly colored houses. 
Burano is recognizable by the brightly colored homes and their famous leaning clocktower. 
From Burano, we took the Vaporetti the long way, through Lido (where we visited the beach on another day) and then back to the Campo San Marco. 

On Sunday, we traveled to the San Giorgio Maggiore with the promise of hearing Gregorian chants in mass. Unfortunately that was not exactly how it went. We like a lot of other tourists standing around were extremely confused because a sign for the mass led you into a hallway but then didn't tell you where to go. And it is sad to say but the attendants or monks didn't want to have anything to do with the people standing around. Finally someone came into the hallway and told all of us that we needed to go up the stairs. Apparently we were supposed to know that we should go up the stairs that were hidden by the open door we went through and then to a room that said no admittance. Oh well, we know for next time. And sadly, there was no Gregorian chant! 
On the day before we left, we took a gondola ride. We had saved it until the end because it was extremely expensive. Finally we just went up to a guy and asked how much he charged, he said €100 ( we were not going to pay that much), we said oh that's too much for us, and his buddy asked how much we wanted to spend, so we got a fairly short gondola ride for €60 instead. I don't know what I expected, but it was not smooth at all. I often felt that I was about to go out the side into the water. But thankfully it didn't happen. 

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