Thursday, July 2, 2009

I fixed it

Just to let everyone know, I fixed the comments! Thanks April for letting me know they were messed up. Apparently they were set so that only the authors of the blog could comment, which is pretty useless. But it is all taken care of, so feel free to leave us a note. 

Hope you all are enjoying summer wherever you are. It is beautiful here. With a top temperature of 75 degrees, how can you not love July? I know, I keep rubbing it in. We are very lucky here because in some other parts of the country they are experiencing a heat wave causing temps to rise to 100. Let's just hope our nice breeze lasts all summer (mainly because we don't have an air conditioner). 

I hope to add honeymoon photos very soon. We have to get a new camera cord for Andy and as soon as we do, I will add even more photos. Venice was amazing and I could live the rest of my life there! It was a dream I can't wait to share.

As far as school goes, I went to a workshop today on how to write a dissertation. I have a lot to do. This week I am going to finalize a system to organize all my research, note taking, and chapters. The more organized I am, the easier this will all go. I also have to set up a schedule so that I can set goals for myself. Whew, it's hard to know where to start, but it's time that I really focus on this! 

Okay, so until next time, I hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend. Sadly we are not able to celebrate until next week. But as soon as we are able, I am going to cook the biggest belated 4th of July meal and buy the biggest watermelon I can find! I may even post some photos!

Suzie and Andy

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  1. Good luck with the dissertation!! I can't imagine having to write something with actual chapters for a grade ... uggghhh. Can't wait till Mark gets to do all that :)

    Here's hoping the next 2 months pass super quickly (for both us and you guys) and you get lots and lots of work done, and you make it back to Birmingham in no time flat, complete with a job for Andy. (And that I won't go insane doing my Chattanooga/Birmingham treks...)