Thursday, July 30, 2009


Okay so if you know me, you know that I love to cook and bake. But one of the biggest things for me is having fresh fruit and veggies. I love them so much, that on Monday I was picking blackberries in the middle of a battlefield (story to come later). Sadly, when money runs tight, fresh fruits and veggies always get left out. I would love for all of our food to be organic, but yet again that hits the pockets hard. 

Today I was reading one of them many blogs I check out, Heart-of-Light, and she had a great link to a service that can help me get organic and fresh food as well as support my local farmer. On Local Harvest, you can sign up for what is called a CSA box (look for the tab at the top of the page). All you do is put in your zip code, they give you local farms, and you can pay around $15 a week for a freshly picked box of fruits and veggies in your area. Some of the farms even deliver! Also, some have eggs, meat, honey, soap and other things you might find interesting. I have already chosen my farm for when we get back to Birmingham in September. 


  1. Ooh ooh ooh ooh - do you want to do a "family" size box and split it with us??

    Elissa has a CSA and splits it between two of her friends, and it works great, and the fruits and veggies and stuff are SO good!

  2. Sooo ... what do you feel about getting a larger share and splitting it between you and andy and me and mark? because I've wanted to do a CSA for a while, but it's just not practical with me going back and forth right now...

    Lissa has a CSA in Nashville that she splits between her and 2 friends, and it's SO GOOD and she loves it :)