Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little under the weather

So, things just keep going wrong. I now have the flu and have had since Friday. Great time to be sick huh! This paper is not going to be done because I just don't have the strength to do it. Actually, the doctor told me that I should not work on it and stress myself---- that is the one thing that my husband took away from the appointment "you can't do work". So as you can probably guess, I am bored staying in bed all day and doing nothing, especially when I need to write 12000 words before the 28th. I must say I am really thankful that Andy is here and did not go back early. I have been so weak and he has done so much. He is the most amazing husband!

As far as our plane tickets go. We changed them..... well we had to make a quick decision honestly. Andy was doing research on moving our tickets and accidently canceled them. So there was a quick scramble to call orbitz and get our tickets back. We had to pay but we decided to change the ticket because there is no reason to stay longer. We need to get back to the US and back to having normal lives. Well, as normal as it can be I guess. So now the stress is finding jobs once we get back to the US. I just hope our connections in Birmingham allow us to find something quickly. 

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