Monday, August 24, 2009

Worth watching- The Garden

If you haven't seen a film lately that made you think honestly about political motives and how they affect the common citizens of the US, you need to see the documentary The Garden. I know, some of you are thinking 'Ugh a documentary', but hear me out. The Garden is about 13 acres of land in Central Los Angeles that was given by the city to the people for farming. Several years later, the city decided to sale it back to the original owner (after many court battles) without the farmers knowledge. The movie details the struggle that the farmers went through to continue to use the land in the face of lies and deceit. It was one of those movies that really makes you think about what government is doing to protect you. It was well worth the rental price on iTunes!

In other news, everything is back in working order. I am trying to get as much done before we leave in one week!!! I am so ready to be home. I am trying to stay focused on reading, but the excitement is starting to build. Our boxes were delivered today which made it feel more real now and I can't wait. Andy has been preparing for our move by sending out his website to various advertising agencies in Birmingham and getting ready to work again. He is excited about the prospect of a new job.

Okay well, that's all for now, short I know. I am going to post again before the end of the week about all the things we are looking forward to and all the things that we are going to miss. 

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